Taal Yatra

Taal Tarang

Himalayan Folk Instruments

Upcoming Events:

9th January, 2013 - Taal Yatra Presentation at 125th Anniversary of UP Assembly Lucknow


Our Footsteps:

15th Dec, 2012 - Tarang Presentation at Sir Syed College Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

1st Dec, 2012 - Pdt. Nikhil Banerjee Sangeet Sammelan at Lucknow.

30th Nov, 2012 - Taal Yatra Presentation at Lucknow

26th Oct, 2012 - Taal Yatra Presentation at Agra

9th Sep, 2012 - Tal Yatra Presentation at Unnao.

25th Jul, 2012 - Taal Yatra Presentation at Lucknow

7th Jul, 2012 - Guru Purnima at Mumbai

5th Jul, 2012 - Guru Purnima at Unnao

13th Jun, 2012 - AIR, Lucknow

13th April, 2012 - ICCR Lucknow

31st March, 2012 - Ustad Nisar Hussain Khan Sangeet Mahotsava, Badaun

13th February, 2012 - Ustad Allah Rakha Music Concert.

7th January, 2012 - Rhythm of North India for Ministry of Culture, New Delhi

27th November, 2012 - Taal Yatra presntation at Kanpur Mahotsav

31st March, 2011 - Mandir Parampara ka Sangeet for Ministry of Culture, New Delhi

22nd January, 2011 - Jugalbandi of Rhythm Instruments played by hand and wooden sticks for the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi

31st May, 2009 - "Taal Yatra" Shraddhanjali to the Freedom Fighters of revolt of 1857 for Sangeet Natak Academy New Delhi.



    Dainik Jagran: 29 October 2012

    Sheikh Ibrahim bring pride to Unnao. ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relation), Ministry of External Affairs has selected Sheikh Ibrahim and his group Taal Yatra to represent India on International platform for his contribution to revive the classical folk and tribal music which are on verge of extinction.

    Hindustan Times: 22 July 2012

    Percussionists steal the show: A variety of percussion instruments captivated the audience at the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad on Saturday evening where a cultural programme was organized in collaboration with the ICCR. Tabla Player Sheikh Mohd Ibrahim , Exponent of Taal Yatra and his troupe entertained the audience with a fusion of Ragas.

    Dainik Jagran: 14 April 2012

    On Friday 13th April, Sheikh Ibrahim and his band created a impact by expressing "Taal Shakti" a magical combination of sounds of Tabla, Pakhavaj, Naal, Dholak and Singha along with Tribal Instruments.

    The Pioneer: 14 Feb 2012

    The Event was a Tribute to Tabla Maestro, Ustad Allah Rakhha on 12th Death Anniversary of Ustad Allah Rakhha also observed as Death Anniversary of Ustad Sheikh Puttan. The program started with Tabla Pranam by students of BSMV and Rhythm Point Lucknow. Solo Tabla performance was given by Sheikh Ibrahim who played Tabla in Punjab Gharana style. Other Artists Aggam Khan, performed Nakkari which was followed by Pakhwaj Jugalbandi between Pandit Ramakant Pathak and Shashikant pathak.

    Hindustan: 08 Jan 2012

    A unique fusion of sound was presented at "Rhythm of North India" Organized by Sheikh Ibrahim and Deppt. Of Culture, India. Magical combination of sound let everyone lost in the world of rhythm.

    Dainik Jagran: 28 Nov. 2011

    More than hundred instruments were used to create a remarkable fusion of sound. It was at Kanpur mahotsav where Sheikh Ibrahim and his associate artists came together to present "Taal Yatra".